Common Questions Answered for Laser Hair Removal!

laser hair removal in Memphis is a procedure in which a beam of light is used to remove unwanted hair. 

This procedure cannot be used to remove hair from the area of the eyelid or the surrounding area. 

People have a lot of questions regarding outcomes, procedure, cost, etc. In this post, we covered all the possible questions regarding laser hair removal.  

 How is laser hair removal performed? 

During the procedure, a laser emits light, a pigment present in the skin called melanin absorbs this light. This absorbed light is converted to heat, and this heat damages the hair follicles. Damage to hair follicles delays the growth of hair. 

How permanent is laser hair removal?

If the hair follicle is destroyed, then the chances for hair to regrow are negligible. If the hair follicle is only damaged, then it can regrow. The time for regrowth of hair varies from person to person. Statistically, it has been reported that laser hair removal lasts for an average of two years. 

How long is one session of laser hair removal? 

Depending on the area being targeted, the time varies. For example, if a patient wants to get the armpit hair removed, the procedure takes 10 minutes. On the other hand, a patient who wants to remove hair from the legs requires 30 minutes. A complete body hair removal requires two hours. 

Laser hair removal at home? 

Some people use intense pulsed light or a true laser, both of which can be used to remove hair. A dermatologist uses a more powerful device, increasing the duration of the time required for hair to regrow. 

 How much does laser hair removal cost? 

A laser hair removal costs anywhere between 150-1000 dollars. Treating small areas costs less, while treating the legs or buttocks costs more. 

Is laser hair removal painful? 

In comparison to pain caused by waxing, pain due to laser hair removal is negligible. However, some amount of pinching pain is felt. 

 Side effects of laser hair removal?

The most frequent side effects of laser hair removal include: 

Skin irritation and redness. 

  1. Temporary discomfort. 
  2. The treatment can darken or lighten the treated area. 

Laser hair removal is considered a safe procedure, and no long-term side effects have been noted. Laser hair removal is also used to target precancerous cells. 

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