Know The Benefits Of Breastfeeding For Your Baby

If you have been debating with yourself whether breastfeeding your newborn is the right choice for them and you or not, you must first go through all the benefits it can provide. While breastfeeding is ultimately the mother’s choice, the benefits are endless. Want to know how to discipline children? This post offers great Parenting Tips and Advice!

Breast milk is the ideal food for your child. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding babies for at least two years. WHO is a specialized agency responsible for international public health; these recommendations do not come lightly. 

You can contact Dr. Wanda Torres, a gynecologist specializing in obstetrics from Suncoast Women’s Care, for any information on breastfeeding. 

Benefits Of Breastfeeding For The Baby


A newborn baby’s digestive system is sensitive. Your breast milk has the right amount of nutrients suitable for your baby’s tummy. A newborn can digest breast milk more easily than cow’s milk. 

Protection Against Virus And Bacteria 

Your baby is most vulnerable to infections in the early months after birth. Your breast milk contains specific antibodies that help increase your child’s immunity. These antibodies keep your child safe from acquiring colds, ear infections, diarrhea, pneumonia, etc. 

The first milk after birth contains colostrum which provides high amounts of immunoglobulin A (IgA). IgA is a kind of antibody that creates a protective layer in your baby’s nose, throat, and digestive system and prevents them from getting sick. 

Healthy Weight Gain

Breastfeeding prevents childhood obesity. A breastfed baby stops drinking milk when they are full. However, a baby being fed from a bottle is encouraged to continue drinking until empty. 

Moreover, a study involving 16 countries shows that breastfeeding your baby for six months reduces childhood obesity by 25%. 

Moreover, a study involving 16 countries shows that breastfeeding your baby for six months reduces childhood obesity by 25%.  Visit for more information about lactation protein powder.

Boosts Brain Power

Breast milk contains nutrients such as cholesterol and omega-3 fatty acid DHA, essential for brain development. Moreover, physical intimacy and touch from breastfeeding babies can make your baby feel safe, nurtured, and protected. These babies are less likely to develop behavioral problems when they grow up.

Lower Disease Risk

Exclusive breastfeeding reduces risks for many illnesses and diseases. Some of them are as follows. 

  • Respiratory tract infections and acute gastrointestinal illnesses.
  • Gut infections.
  • Allergic diseases.
  • Bowel diseases.
  • Diabetes.
  • Childhood leukemia.
  • Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
  • Intestinal tissue damage.
  • Middle ear infections.


There are uncountable benefits of breastfeeding and not just for the baby, the mother too. Therefore, worldwide agencies recommend breastfeeding for as long as you and your baby are comfortable with it. It is suggested to start breastfeeding as soon as one hour from your delivery to protect your baby from illness and chronic disease. 

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