Everything You Need to Know About Kratom’s Shelf Life

We know we’re not the only ones concerned about kratom shelf-life. When the FDA issued their feared threat to prohibit kratom in 2016, essentially, our initial response was to acquire a few pallet loads and hope they lasted! Does kratom have a shelf life? Who can say?

We shouldn’t have been concerned since the kratom community successfully fought the FDA’s effort to prohibit it. But we’re still debating how to keep our kratom in the long run best. If you’re wondering about kratom storage and shelf life, keep reading for some helpful hints!

What Exactly Is Shelf Life?

Shelf life is the amount of time a product may be kept or sold or remain on a shelf before its quality starts to decline. The shelf life of each product varies. You may still utilize the product after it has beyond its shelf life, but it will no longer be “in its prime.” Furthermore, increasing or decreasing its shelf life depends on keeping a product.

What is the Shelf life of kratom?

After the leaves have been processed into powder, high-quality kratom is at its freshest for up to three months. However, by storing it correctly, you can prolong the shelf life of kratom and keep your product in perfect condition for up to a year or even longer.

While the quality of the product gradually deteriorates after that and finally expires, it is still excellent for a long time, exceptionally if adequately preserved. If you are confused about where to buy kratom online, don’t worry. You can get kratom for sale online from soap korner which is a trusted and reputable kratom brand.

What Factors Influence Kratom Shelf Life?

Kratom is a natural product. As with all organic substances, it is susceptible to deterioration, which may impact how red vein bali kratom looks, feels, and smells, as well as its positive effects. It is owing to the modifications that take place at the molecular level.

There are at least 25 distinct alkaloids in kratom powder. Alkaloids are phytochemical, non-nutritive plant compounds with defensive characteristics. The alkaloids and other compounds in kratom leaves begin to degrade after being taken from the tree. The procedure is quite sluggish. Certain situations, however, might accelerate it, leading kratom to lose its benefits considerably quicker.

These are some examples:

  • Prolonged UV light exposure, i.e., direct sunlight,
  • Moisture exposure
  • Pathogen exposure, such as mold or fungus.

Kratom Long-Term Storage

One consistent strain emerges after combing the web, interviewing innumerable consumers, contacting suppliers, distributors, and sellers: kratom has an exceptionally extended shelf-life. We have yet to uncover conclusive evidence of kratom expiration. So, does kratom spoil? We’re not sure yet, but new research is being published daily. While kratom is unlikely to remain fresh indefinitely, the effects of age on strength, effectiveness, and scent are minimal.

The Fundamentals of Kratom Storage

The most crucial guideline to follow is to keep the kratom completely dry at all times. Some of the most acceptable methods for ensuring dry, safe kratom storage include:

  • Kratom should store in glass mason jars, high-quality Tupperware, or vacuum-sealed bags.
  • Bagging your merchandise twice or three times
  • Keeping kratom in a dry, cold, and dark location
  • Including silica packs for added peace of mind
  • You be safe, be sure to label and date your kratom.

You should also divide your kratom among numerous jars or containers so that if one of them becomes contaminated, you only lose a tiny amount of your inventory.

Extending the Shelf Life of Kratom

1. Purchase the Most Fresh Kratom Possible

The fresher the kratom, the less harm the alkaloids have suffered. It also implies that kratom has a longer shelf life. Packaging and repackaging a product often might expose it to additional sunshine, moisture, and microorganisms. These may reduce the shelf life and quality of kratom. Capsules need an extra step of handling and packing, which might negatively impact the final product’s quality.

2. Do not combine old and new kratom.

Have any old kratom reserves that you’d want to include in your new batch to freshen it up? Not the most excellent plan. Instead of boosting your old kratom’s quality and shelf life, you are more likely to reduce your new kratom’s rate and shelf life. If there are any infections in your previous batch, you run the danger of simply transmitting them to your new pack, destroying it all. So, keep your fresh set sealed as you finish off what you already have.

3. Keep out of direct sunlight and moisture.

Kratom may decay when exposed to sunshine and dampness. Mold and mildew may also form due to moisture, and it’s advisable to get rid of the whole batch if this occurs. Invest in excellent airtight containers, Ziploc bags, and other such items to safely store kratom. Purchasing a vacuum sealer might be another excellent long-term investment.

4. Avoid Using Wet Utensils

After you’ve opened a box, avoid scooping our product with moist equipment like spoons. Even if they have a trace of moisture on them, they may readily move to the remainder of the items in the bag. It may be more than enough for mold to begin to grow.

5. Never Freeze Kratom

While storing kratom in the fridge or freezer may seem to be a wise choice for long-term preservation, you may wind up harming it if you do. Dry herbal goods absorb moisture quickly in the refrigerator, and unfreezing kratom may cause water and condensation to build in the packets. It, in turn, might result in the growth of mold. For the same reason, avoid exposing kratom to moisture and allowing condensation to form. There are areas like the laundry room and the bathroom.


While speciosa powder is at its freshest in the first three months, the kratom shelf life may extend by purchasing a new and high-quality product that hasn’t been kept for an extended period or repackaged several times. Furthermore, observe it properly to get the most out of your batch. Check out our kratom goods if you want to get your hands on some fresh and potent kratom that will last a long time. We import them directly from Indonesian farmers and examine them at a third-party laboratory to verify no diseases or contaminants are present.

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