Features of a corporate online account

Modern entrepreneurs strive to optimize financial issues within the company, and a free online business account helps them in this. It should be emphasized that not only large enterprises have such financial instruments, but even novice individual businessmen want to open an account for business as soon as possible. The features of a corporate online account are that it helps not only to conduct business “cleanly”, but also largely optimizes the company’s budget. It is also easier for the accounting department to create and submit reports if there is a single database of all cash transactions.

To open a corporate account, you need to register and verify on our website. Further, a competent manager contacts the client and announces the list of documentation that must be provided. This design method is fast and actually does not require much effort, because our experts have taken care to automate all processes and make them easier. The online format allows you to register anywhere in the world without leaving your workplace or home.

Why do I need a corporate online account?

A business current account is opened when a company works with non-cash payments, sends or receives funds to the account from counterparties, buyers, investors and partners. If all activities are carried out in accordance with the law, then the entrepreneur deducts a certain tax, which does not raise questions from the regulatory authorities. If you conduct transactions through a personal account, you should expect an unpleasant visit or call from the tax and other government services.

In addition, a corporate account is a single system in which all transactions are recorded. Thanks to convenient Internet banking, they are easy to track and analyze, which allows you to detect budget leaks or problem areas at an early stage.

In turn, the WestStein prepaid card is specially designed for making purchases and various payments. There is no overdraft part on it, so it’s physically impossible to spend more than it’s supposed to.

By opening an account in the WestStein service, the client receives not only a confidential and secure account, but also several additional physical and virtual cards on which it is possible to store and receive funds in the international currency euro.

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