The industrial revolution is never ceasing but scaling to the heights. How relevant is this? In Kenya, the jua kali sector expands as more innovations kick in. Welding machines are key contributors to this revolution as they are broadly used. Do you want to be part of this! Portable welding machine price in Kenya is very affordable to get you started.

1. What you must consider while ordering for a welding machine

Welding is simply the process of permanently joining two metals of the same type. Making a wrong choice of the equipment will lead to a total mess hence precautions are highly advisable.

Consider these;

  1. a) Area of application – welding machines range from small portable to large station equipment. Choose wisely to save on your cash.
    b) The kind of job to be done – you can weld from thin aluminum sheets to thick steel sheets. Your success will depend on the type of welding machine and method used.
    c) Portability – does your work require mobility? If yes, portable welding machine price in Kenya is affordable, just go for it.
    d) Cost – the machine you choose should be efficient to reach the target, this makes cost-effectiveness a real choice to make.
    e) Packaging equipment – you must not go for a substitute yet the one you are dealing with has all you need, just be economic. Besides, check the ratings of the machine i.e. supply voltage needed, workload, and other important calibrations.

    Average price in Kenya

Portable welding machines in Kenya vary in design and efficiency, but the working principle remains constant for the same application. In Kenya, you can get one averagely from KSH 15,000 to 100,000. The price mainly depends on the company model. Visit any shop dealers in welding machines for a specific price quotation.

3. Types of welding machines

The photo below shows an example of a complete set of portable welding machines.The effectiveness of any welding job heavily relies on the machine at hand. The machines define the types of welding you can perform with them. They include;

  1. a) Gas welding equipment – uses oxygen and acetylene that when combined forms oxyacetylene, which is used to weld. They are very portable and you will not miss them in any Kenyan garage.
  2. b) Arc welding equipment – uses an electrode stick to weld. This is a traditional method but popular for jua kali stations in Kenya, for making steel doors, windows and other equipment.
  3. c) Laser and electric beam equipment – are less portable. They use high energy and offer precise welding.  They are relatively expensive and used in large companies.
  4. d) Metal Inert Gas (MIG) equipment- are cheaper and replacing arc welding. A flux core and bar are used to make the weld
  5. e) Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) equipment – the flux in the MIG is replaced by a TIG torch.
  6. f) Plasma welding machine – for the most precision welding job.

    Applications of welding

Portable welding machine prices in Kenya being averagely affordable do not justify their wide range of application, but their necessity. They include sheet metal fabrication, automobile and aerospace companies.

5. Pros and cons of welding machines

Their eco existence tells you how beneficiary they are. They offer a quick alternative method to join metal parts, most are portable, they are relatively affordable, and lastly, they use electric energy, which is now readily available in most parts of the country.

However, these machines rely on skilled personnel for quality work delivery. They also have specifications and limits of work they can perform.

Now, you have the most important facts on portable welding machine prices in Kenya, stand up, and be the best welder in town.

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