Specifications and Prices of Chaff Cutters in Kenya

Chaff cutter is modern equipment in farming that has made farm labor less intensive and less time-consuming. It is offered in the market at different prices. It can be manual or automatic. It is found in different sizes. This article focuses on the factors that affect chaff cutter prices in Kenya.

Topic: 5 Factors That Affect Chaff Cutter Prices in Kenya

What is considered waste in one scenario is beneficial in another scenario. In a farm case, post-harvest waste can be used as animal feed. For instance, chaff, and husks of corn are  good livestock feed.  Converting crop wastes to fodder needs the waste to be chopped into small pieces. Manually it’s a hard task but why not try using a chaff cutter?

Chaff cutter is one of the most integral machines of modern farming. It is used to cut straw, hay, and fodder into small palatable pieces. It makes the process simple and less tiresome. The chaff cutter is found in the Kenyan market with a wide range of prices depending on your needs. However, there are factors that influence its pricing and they are;

1. Manual or automatic

Chaff cutters available in the market can be either manual or automatic. The decision of getting a manual or automatic chaff cutter is dependent on how much you will be using the equipment. It also depends on your scale of farming. If you are a small-scale farmer, using a manual chaff cutter will be appropriate.

If using a manual chaff cutter, is a little labor-intensive, an automatic one will be a good option. The automatic chaff cutter will either have an electric or diesel-powered engine. Diesel or electric, they cut the fodder effortlessly in a short time. The diesel chaff cutter is mobile while the electric one has to be plugged in sockets limiting its mobility.

The automatic chaff cutter will cost more due to the engine power and output. Though a manual chaff cutter has high precision cutter blades, a cast iron body that lasts longer than other chaff cutters, and its lightweight, its output is much less compared to the automatic chaff cutter.

2. Output capacity

Power and output are usually correlated. The more power the higher the output. For achieving higher output capacity, the chaff cutter has to be connected to a power source of high capacity. The power source could be a motor or engine. The cost of installation of these power sources on the equipment has to be factored in the pricing of the machine.

3. Size of the chaff cutter.

The size of the chaff cutter directly influences its price. In Kenya, they can be found in different sizes. You can have a large, medium, or mini-size chaff cutter. The big chaff cutters have a higher power output compared to the mini ones. Its price will be higher than the small one.

4. Type of chaff cutter

Chaff cutters are produced in different types depending on the farmers’ needs. The common types found in Kenya include; mini chaff cutter, chaff cutter pulverizer, and chaff cutter with a blower. They perform the same service but the output varies. The added functions on each one of them like blowers and pulverizer will influence the overall market price of the machine.

5. Brand

Chaff cutters are produced by different companies. The brands are different. The different brands of chaff cutters are available in the Kenyan market. The price of each varies from brand to brand. Though a brand provides a sense of reliability and originality, it will cost you more.

Chaff cutters have different specifications which influence chaff cutter prices in Kenya. Being familiar with these specifications and variations will enable you to make an informed decision on the purchase.

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