Here’s what to do if you put the wrong fuel in your car

Whether in a rush, having a couple of things to deal with in your mind, or simply having a bad day, it isn’t uncommon to find yourself reaching out for the wrong pump in the filling station or garage. And just like that, you realize that you’ve mixed diesel in petrol and vice versa. The next thing? You get into panic mode.

But this doesn’t have to be you if you read through this article. Below we show you what to do if you put the wrong fuel in your car.

What happens if you put diesel in a petrol vehicle?

Some good news though, most diesel pump nozzles are normally bigger than the petrol cars’ fuel necks. Therefore, even if it skips your mind, you’re unlikely going to actually refill, because the misfit will most likely get you back to reality. 

But, even if you go ahead with it, you will still realize your mistake before you drive off because your car engine is unlikely to start. Why? Because diesel usually requires compression before starting. So, if by any chance the nozzle did fit in the fuel tank, you will get back to your senses when the engine “fails”.

What happens when you put petrol in your diesel vehicle?

Now, this is more serious than putting diesel in your petrol car. You see, apart from powering your car, diesel also acts as a lubricator. Therefore, it will automatically lubricate your car parts to protect them from friction. While this would normally be a good thing, it isn’t when petrol and diesel mix. 

In this case, diesel reacts and becomes a solvent, which produces opposite results. So, for instance, instead of lubricating the car parts for easy movement, it now increases friction. The results? Damaged fuel lines and pump. 

The unfortunate thing is that the damage on your misfueled car begins the moment you start it. Now getting to drive is even worse. 

What should you do In case you misfuel your car?

  • If you realize your mistake immediately after fueling, avoid putting your key in the ignition. Do not start your car.
  • Immediately put your car in neutral. 
  • Let the gas station attendant know what has just happened, to help you figure out the way forward.
  • Find someone to immediately help you push your vehicle to a safe location, far from the gas station and other motorists. 
  • Reach out to your insurance company via phone call for prompt guidance. It’s now time to go through the details of your car cover to determine whether they can help or not.

If by chance you find out that your cover doesn’t include breakdown assistance, or you weren’t already covered, reach out for a wrong fuel fixing specialist for assistance. Most states have a few of them, and they will help drain your fuel tank to avoid any accidents/damage. A quick search online will give you the contacts you need. 

However, if you realize your mistake after starting your car, and even driving off, look out for the nearby safest place and pull off. Immediately turn off your car and put it in neutral. 

Afterwards, call your insurance provider and go through the details of your cover to see if they’re obliged to help. If not, follow the above step and reach out to the nearest misfuel expert for help. Contact fuel swap for Fuel fixing in Perth. 

It’s also possible to completely forget about your mistake and continue with your journey as if nothing happened! Don’t worry, you will soon figure it out once your car halts, which it must. Once it does, follow the steps above to reach out to your insurance company or a misfuel specialist. 

Getting a fuel swap isn’t difficult as long as you get the right person to do it. What you should worry about is dealing with the damage caused to your car. And this depends on how soon you realized your mistake, and how fast you were driving before you did.

The longer you had driven, the more expensive the repair process will be. This is because your car’s filters, fuel tank and even pipes would have been already severely damaged.

Any Preventive Measures?

 Simply be as mindful as possible, especially when refueling. But since no one plans for such days, invest in a fuel cap that perfectly fits your car’s fuel tank. It’s the easiest way to prevent petrol nozzles from fitting into your diesel fuel tank, forcing you to immediately realize your mistake. 


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