How Digital Technology is Changing the Sports Betting Industry

Modern technologies have changed the life of every person around the world. Every day more and more educational institutions are switching to studying through online platforms. There are many directions in the field of business, for which it is enough to have just a smartphone. Digitalization has led to the development of applications and software for a variety of purposes, including sports betting.

Mobile betting

The existence of smartphones has made life much easier for gamblers because now people do not need to sit for hours near the computer to place a bet. After all, now the access to the bookmaker’s office is always in the player’s pocket.

Besides, the clear adaptation of sites for small devices and the emergence of mobile betting applications contributed to the growth of mobile bets. They provide players with the latest match updates and statistics. A striking example of such a clear adaptation is the site, where everyone can watch the live broadcasts and track the rise or fall of coefficients. Thanks to the constant access to such a site or application, the bettor can easily analyze teams and sports news, which will help him to make accurate predictions.

10 years ago there was no opportunity to place bets while playing. The bettor had to make a bet long before the game and wait for the result. In most cases, such bets were lost.  Now everything is different and more profitable! By simply opening the live section on the bookmaker’s website, the bettor can watch the progress of the game and, based on the team’s play, make a winning bet.

Betting robots

For those who always want to be a winner, the best developers have created a betting robot. Modern technologies have made it possible to create an automated system that can place bets according to the user’s settings. He can predict the development process of all bets, determine the most losing ones.

The automated betting robot can be customized to suit any tactic. The strategy is built based on the score and the time of a particular match.

There is a subspecies of robots – bots. With the development of social networks and messengers, bots for betting have become especially popular. A betting bot is an automatic event analyzer with a specific algorithm that gives bettors the most likely event to bet on. 

With the help of the settings, the player sets the sequence of actions. For example, a robot can bet exclusively on football or cricket:

  • on the outcome of the match;
  • on a specific favorite, if he leads the score.

To use such robots and bots, the player needs any device and doesn’t even need to install the additional software!


Cybersport betting

With the advent of any competition, some are ready to risk money, being confident in the victory of a certain player or team. Another thing is that in the beginning, such demand is not high. It happened with the cybersport, and therefore the major bookmakers did not pay attention to these games for a long time. 

It is a new form of sports betting that has attracted thousands of players around the world. Gamblers have the opportunity to take part in video game tournaments and win cash prizes. Also, professional eSports players earn huge income not only from participating in tournaments but also from betting. 1xbet is the most popular online betting in the world. 

2020 was a watershed year for competition in mainstream sports as everything was canceled due to the pandemic. But the cancellations did not affect esports in any way. Tournaments continued to be held around the world and bookmaker platforms reoriented themselves. It became clear that this sport will continue to develop and will bring colossal profits. Therefore, many bookmakers began to focus on esports bets.

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