How to build your ideas when you have nothing to write about

You need to write a blog post or an article then ideas vanish in the thin air. What will you do? Remember, time isn’t on your side. The situation becomes stressful as you fight to connect ideas to come up with content to write. Authors and writers of short stories invest time to get their juicy creative ideas to flow on paper. For content and article writers, you don’t have time to wait for inspiration to make you write anything. You write at anytime and anywhere, making it a bit challenging. I had to figure out big ideas and then narrow them down to get the content so I wont be forced to pay for dissertation. Where did I get the broad ideas?

 Start spying

Spying is a great phenomenon on the internet that allows you to check your competition with ease. When you have to write out ideas, go to the blogs and website tops related to your categories or topics. Bookmark the sites to be able to access them later at any time and with ease. Browse through the newly added content. Pay attention to the titles that might fight the subjects you need to write about. For any post that appears to fit your desires, copy its title somewhere. You will end up with point lists that will aid in content building.

Google it

The search engines offer the best opportunity to access information. Google search engines stand out as the best site that provides related ideas to your search. You need to choose a phrase in your mind and type it in the search engine to search. At the bottom of the page, you will see ten related phrases in the search engines. Use the phrases to get more insight into the idea that you need to write about. The method is among the easiest ways to get new topics to write about.

Read comments on your blog

It’s a great way to source for ideas to write. Take time to go through the comments, and you will get many suggestions and questions. They create an environment for you to look at things from a different angle. You will also change your perspective when writing the new content. The feedback on social media platforms like Twitter is great in content building.

Support forums

If you are a blog writer, you can use the WordPress support forum to mine many new ideas. The latest ideas from the support forums aid in solving peoples’ problems. You have to archive this for any winning blog post topic. For an author or writer-related blog, try this KDP community forum with many issues you will access. Any theme you think you can write about; must have a support forum that relates to it.

Try Quora

Find the questions that people need answers to on Quora. Quora allows the search of any topic and get many ideas over it quickly.


Sign for the free account on Ubersuggest and have access to a great source of ideas on Ubersuggest. You will get many suggestions from the keyword. If you are a blogger, then this Ubersuggest is a good tool to use.

Google news

News offers a perfect opportunity to get new ideas to write on as well as stay updated. Google tracks the topic preferences that you have and gives suggestions via the For You tab. It offers articles related to your favorite topics. The search features can enable you to search and save your findings to access them later. Google News provides excellent information and ideas about writing, SEO, blogging, and books.


You should be able to get plenty of ideas to write your article at any time. Relax, check the deadline and use the best paper writing services to do your work.

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