Your Pet’s Safety Matters

Pets were considered part of the family. They are given almost the same attention as other members of the household. When they are hurt or sick, we often call our vets for help. If you have fur babies around, it is also a must that you have your first aid kit for them, as well.

As fur parents, we often get worried if our fur babies suddenly behaved oddly. Most of the time, they are just bored, but there are times they are acting like that because they are not feeling well. Sometimes, their boredom forced them to have some little fights with other pets around and outside the household.

This is the main reason why it is a must for fur parents to have their pet first aid kit always around. You don’t need to go to your vets every now and then if they only got a few small and minor cuts or bruises. Your pet first aid kit will definitely be a big help in emergency situations like this.

It is equally important that the contents of your first aid kits were the must-have essential things that your pets will be needed in times of accidents and injuries.

Basic Contents of Pet First Aid Kit


This will refrain your pets from biting anyone who will be giving them first aid treatment. Pets may behave oddly when in pain.

Wound Wash

Wound wash will clean out your pet’s wounds and cuts.

Cotton Wool

Cotton wool is best for applying creams for wounds. They are also used in cleaning and washing wounds before putting on the wound dressing.

Gauze Pads

These pads were used to protect minor cuts and bruises and keep them away from bacteria. 

Wound Dressing

Wound dressing will protect your pet’s wounds and keep them away from possible infection.

Self-Adhesive Tape

Medical adhesive tapes were used to attach gauze and other wound dressings around your pet’s wounds and cuts.

Hydrogen Peroxide

They are given to pets to vomit toxic they accidentally ingested, but of course with the correct dosage and prescriptions.

Leash and Collar

Just put an extra leash and collar in your kit in case you will be needing them.

Food and Treats

Extra foods and treats are important during travel.

Tweezer and Scissors

Tweezers are used to prick ticks and other foreign materials in your pet’s skin. Scissors are needed in cutting bandages.

Antiseptic Wipes

Antiseptic wipes prevent your pet’s wounds from getting infected.

Nitrile Gloves

Medical-grade gloves like nitrile gloves are needed before touching your pet’s injured part.

Prescription Medicines

If your fur babies have prescription medicines from their vets, it is necessary that you always have extra stocks in case of emergency.

Pet Vet Records

Your pet records such as medical history, vaccination details, and prescriptions must be placed in your pet first aid kit in case you will be needing them in the future.

These were just a few of the many things that your first aid kit should have to take care of your fur babies properly during emergencies. Remember that, first aid treatment is only recommended for minor injuries. You can call your vets for further assistance and questions to know if the current situation needed further medical attention from professionals.

You can place these first aid kits at home on the spot, they can easily be seen and access if needed. You should have these kits handy when you travel with your pets. Your bags or your car compartment is the best place to put these kits so they will be available during emergencies.

If you don’t have much time and don’t want to bother buying these things one by one. There are online stores that offer complete and pre-packed Pet First Aid Kits, and they are just one click away.

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