How to Sell Your Car in 5 Steps?

Buying a car in Sydney is pretty easy, because you can research and compare car brands along with features online first. After you buy the car that suits your taste and needs, during registration, you must purchase compulsory third party car insurance Australia to cover any medical compensation liabilities if you inflict any injury to others on the road. That is a simple process too.

Selling your car will be a pain-free process with the help of a car dealer. Suppose, you decide to put your ride up for sale with no external assistance, then here are a few essential things you need to be prepared with

1. Make your car look attractive!

When any potential buyer looks at your car, they will notice how well you have maintained it during all these years. The looks of your vehicle will speak for itself.

Before you uncover it for a potential buyer to see, have your vehicle serviced, detailed, and polished by professionals. Keep your car’s interiors and exteriors pristine.

Rectify your car’s wheel alignment and balance. Also, your tires need to be pumped with their optimum air pressure, as suggested by the manufacturer. If you don’t do this, the buyer may discover this flaw on a test drive. And, receiving a lousy remark isn’t the way forward.

2. Post an impressive Aad!

Spending time on getting high-quality images of your car for your ad would fetch you better deals. You can host your car show, but first, you should learn how to market your car show, particularly through social media platforms. Include details of your car model, year of manufacture, the number of miles travelled, features, and mention if your vehicle has any added modifications.

3. Put up a realistic quote!

Don’t go overboard on pricing. Engage in some fact-finding activities to understand at what prices second-hand cars are being sold on the market. The higher you quote in comparison to other cars like yours in the market, the longer you need to wait to move your vehicle out of the garage. But that is no reason to sell your car at an underrated cost, find the right balance.

4. Gather your paperwork!

Below is a list of documents needed that will help ease the mind of any buyers when you’re selling your car.

  • Service Log Books
  • Current Registration
  • Warranty Information
  • Roadworthy certificate (if necessary)

5. Be prudent!

When you meet the buyer for your car inspection, get the buyer’s vital details like name, address, contact number, and driver’s license number.

You need to accompany the buyer during the test drive and be prepared for everything. One can never be too sure about the potential buyer’s driving skills. If you aren’t sure about which conditions are covered in your compare car insurance – like an unlisted driver such as your test driver – contact the insurance company to find out more on this.


Close the deal and hand over your car keys only when full payment has been made.

Whether you have Have cheap car insurance on your car or not, don’t cancel the policy before selling and transferring the car registration into the buyer’s name. You can choose to swap the car on your policy to a new one if your insurer gives you that option. All you have to do is pay an additional premium, and you are ready! Otherwise, you could be held liable for the damage they cause to other people’s cars and property in what is legally seen to be ‘your’ car.

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