It’s Not All Play and Fun for Your Pup Underneath the Hot Sun!

We love summer, for the vacation vibes and so much more that it ushers in. A season to find delighted kids and excited pets running all over the place. People want to sneak out of their homes, avoiding housework and home maintenance to soak in the sun by the beachside instead. Our pet pals can’t wait to rejoice with us on a summer expedition, no doubt.

Our fur friends look forward to playing and relaxing in the warmth along with their best companions around. With cheery smiles and wagging tails circling here and there, our puppies dream about a perfect adventure to make.

However, before we say ‘hello summer!’ We need to take adequate care and caution to prevent our pups from suffering heat stroke. Heat stroke can lead to many health complications, like acute respiratory syndrome, neurological damage and dysfunction, acute kidney injury, hepatic biliary damage and more.

We suggest that you glance at puppy insurance policies available in the market, to cover much of your pet health expenses. It is clever to start early as your puppy is still young and free from pre-existing medical conditions. You can save on your premiums and be well equipped to handle emergencies. Apart from getting the best pet insurance, make some preparations to keep your puppies shielded from the blistering sun’s heat.

Factors that can cause heatstroke

  • Besides the soaring temperatures, the specifics of your puppy like age, weight, fitness, breed, water intake, environment, prevailing medical issues, etc.
  • Young pups, old dogs, short snout, or long and thick coat dog breeds are highly vulnerable to sweltering temperatures.
  • Taking your pets along in closed cars cuts off ventilation on a hot day. Open the windows for ample fresh air. And don’t ever leave your pet in a car, whether it’s hot or cool outside – cars heat up fast/
  • Lack of cool drinking water and dehydration makes your pup more susceptible to heat stroke.

Signs that indicate heat stroke

1. Severe panting

2. Breathing difficulty

3. Raised heart rate

4. Confusion

5. Disorientation

6. Diarrhea

7. Bright red tongue, gums, and ears

8. Hot body

9. Drooling

10. Collapsing

11. Vomits

Treating heat stroke

Early detection of heat stroke may help you save your pup from critical long-term health damage and fatality. Here’s what to do:

1. Immediately take them away from the hot area and allow them to recline in a cool, ventilated zone.

2. Press a cool water sponge on their belly and other parts or spray cool water gently. We repeat: use cool water, not cold water.

3. If you have a portable fan, turn it on until your pup’s body temperature gets back to normal conditions.

4. Use a rectal thermometer to measure your puppy’s body temperature.

5. If the temperature is beyond 105F, it is a medical emergency. So, rush to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Your pet may need additional fluids, oxygen, and medical support.

6. If it has fallen to about 103F, you still need to meet your vet, but it’s less of an emergency than at higher temps.

 Safety precautions

  • If you wish to take your pet for a swim or hike, make sure they have protective gear to block the sun and apply sunscreen on other visible body areas. This will help make it a safe and enjoyable experience for your companion.
  • Check for the availability of sufficient water sources so your pet can replenish at regular intervals; if not carry some bottled water yourself.
  • To keep your four-legged friend guarded against the heat, don’t go on a prolonged drive, camp, or do extensive outdoor activities with a good break to recuperate and replenish fluids at regular intervals.
  • Get your puppy to wear some comfortable shoes, so they walk with ease on roasting roads.
  • Give them a breather by finding shady places to repose from an exhaustive day out.


Have the necessary pet supplies needed to support your dog in hotter weather. It would be great if you have already bought puppy insurance too, to help care for your needy pet if it experienced heat stroke or another injury or illness. The best pet insurance covers your pet’s expenses for medical emergencies as well as regular vet expenses.

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