Treatment Approaches for Varicose Veins

Veins are very vital organs in the well-being of the whole body. In case of damage, it can lead to severe health conditions. The primary role of the veins is to transport blood to all parts of the body. This means if it develops a problem, the transportation of blood will be difficult. One of the conditions that arise from vein damage is the varicose veins. Treatment procedures for varicose veins in Glen Rock have been made reliable to all their clients. To better understand this condition, here is what you should do.

Varicose Veins

What are varicose veins? This is the enlargement, discolored, or bumpy veins that show on the surface of the skin. They appear mainly in the feet and legs. It makes the blood flow in the wrong direction because the veins are not functioning correctly.

Symptoms of the Condition

The following signs are common to varicose veins patients:

  •   Itching feeling.
  •   Skin irritation and burning feelings.
  •   Ulcers.
  •   Muscle cramps in the feet.
  •   Swelling of the legs.
  •   Restless leg syndrome.

If you encounter these symptoms, please visit a doctor for varicose veins medical checkups.

Risks Factors Associated With the Condition

Several conditions play a significant role in increasing the risks of suffering from varicose veins. The following are responsible for the increasing rate of the disease:

  •   An individual may gain excessive body weight, causing obesity.
  •   It can be passed from one generation to the other.
  •   Multiple pregnancies.
  •   If an individual stands for long, the veins in the feet may become fatigued, leading to the condition.
  •   Long hours of inactivity make the feet weak, causing damages to the veins.
  •   Carrying heavy objects puts a lot of pressure on the feet and the veins causing damage.
  •   Aging is also a significant cause of the condition. This is because as you continue aging, the body gets weaker, thus the veins weakening too. This causes varicose veins.
  •   Over-exertion.

Research shows that left untreated, injuries can cause varicose veins, which will put your overall health at risk.

Treatment Procedures for Varicose Veins

There are two main types of treatment commonly used to manage the condition. They include the following:

  • Radiofrequency Ablation

This is the use of radiofrequency heat energy to help seal the veins. A small tool known as a catheter is used to take the ultrasound energy to the damaged veins in the feet. The heat energy is responsible for heating and sealing the broken veins so that blood flows correctly. The procedure is a little painful; therefore, local anesthesia is required to numb the surgical area.

  • Sclerotherapy

This is a method mainly used to seal or rather close the veins from below the knee. A small injection containing saline solution is injected into the veins. The solution is responsible for stuffing the veins, thus blood flowing swiftly.

Receive Varicose Veins Treatment Today

Varicose veins can make you uncomfortable, making it difficult to carry out daily tasks. Please visit Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine Clinic located in Glen Rock, NJ, where a team of qualified doctors will choose the best treatment approach for you.

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