kn95, n95, and ffp2 masks: the right guidelines that explain their messages

KN95, N95, and FFP2 masks: a complete guide explains their differences

The second has been a COVID-19 pandemic that has officially come out.

Early spring saw a sharp rise in the number of cases in all major USA countries, which responded by stepping up measures to protect citizens as well as those at risk. Also, masks are the first tool used to reduce the risk of transmission or distribution of COVID-19. Countries such as France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Spain are considering making mandatory masks, both externally and internally, to reduce the spread of the virus.

For the sake of popularity, we collected and summarized all the information we could find on the top filtering filters and their various certificates. In this section, we will briefly describe the features of KN95, FFP2, and N95 masks, so that you can determine the difference between them at the time of your purchase.

KN95, N95, and FFP2 face masks: let’s take this straight

In addition to natural blue surgical masks, which are well suited to prevent contamination of others, but not only for self-protection, you can also buy reinforced filter masks. The first FFP in the FFP2 formulation means “Filter Face Piece” or “Filter Face Piece”, and these masks allow for greater filtering of harmful microparticles, which is why they are used in high-risk areas for infection.

When you start looking for filter filters that have been scientifically tested to strengthen the immune system, you will soon be exposed to startups like FFP2, KN95, and N95, especially if you are looking for a way to protect yourself from contaminants or microparticles that carry the virus. The identity of these masks varies from place to place.

There are three major types of filter masks on the market:

FFP2 face masks have been established in Europe

N95 face masks are established in the USA

KN95 enhanced Chinese Masks

Filter performance for KN95, N95, and FFP2 masks

The KN95, N95, and FFP2 masks offer similar filtering rates: all three have filters larger than 94%, depending on the levels that determine their professional quality.

Here are the exact filtering capabilities for each of the three types of filter masks:

FFP2 face masks: 94% sleep filter

N95 face masks: 95% sleep filter

KN95 face masks: 95% sleep filter

Standard controls KN95, N95, and FFP2 masks

The difference between KN95, N95, and FFP2 masks is the system used to calculate their filtering. This method varies depending on where it is manufactured, as it follows the certificates determined by the country in which the device was tested.

We provide a brief summary of the differences between the measurements used to identify KN95, N95, and FFP2 masks.

FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 facial shields – EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009

FFP2, FFP1, and FFP3 masks are governed by USA law known as EN 149: 2001, amended in 2009. The law defines the methods used to demonstrate the function of “breathing apparatus” and defines the required, tested, and labeled masks.

N95 mask – NIOSH-42CFR84

N95 masks are covered with the American standard NIOSH -42CFR84, developed by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), an American organization that specializes in effective facial screening.

KN95 mask – GB2626-2006

KN95 masks are recognized in the People’s Republic of China in accordance with the rules set out in the GB2626-2006 standard. This measure prescribes technical requirements, testing methods, and marking of permeable filters used to purify the air of potentially harmful substances.

KN95, N95, and FFP2 masks: different test methods

Although their overall purpose is the same – to demonstrate the actual ability of the equipment to prevent people from inhaling harmful substances or particles – each of the three measures emphasizes a face filter that differs from the others. The differences are in the methods adopted to test the technologies – depending on the type of test performed, the requirements and test conditions may vary.

Major differences between measurements: these are the contaminants tested and refusal to breathe and breathe. When looking at the parameters used, a few differences stand out.

  1. The USA standard uses liquid materials in measurements as well as solids

The first difference has to do with the contaminant used to test the FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 masks. The USA certification system seems to be perfect in this case, given that it also attempts to use paraffin oil, water soluble, as well as the solid-state sodium chloride particles.

This is certainly a good step, as it means that the performance of the scissors is tested not only by the dried-earth stain (as a powder) but also, and above all, it contains fragments in the form of drops and fragments. aerosols are dispersed in the air.

  1. The USA rate usually pays more for its quality

The second obvious difference is the allowable inhalation to reject data. Average resistance numbers in USA standards are much lower than in the US and Chinese certification systems, meaning that N95 masks made in USA standards should provide greater comfort and strength.

Strength of FFP2 masks: scientific claims

How long does the FFP2 mask last? FFP2 masks can be marked with the letter (R) for “reusable” or (NR) for “reusable”. Most FFP2 masks fall into the last category. These are protective devices that gradually degrade over time. That is why the FFP2 mask usually lasts eight hours in high-risk areas or single work area. Even if it is worn at a safe distance in low-risk areas, the mask should be discarded after eight hours, as breathing and exposure to moisture gradually impair its filtering and body integrity. When wet, FFP2 masks should be discarded.

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