My pregnancy care experience at Novomed

When I got pregnant, I was so nervous about seeing a gynecologist because I had terrible experiences with all of the gynecologists I have met in the past. When you go to a doctor, you want to feel at ease and welcomed, especially when you are pregnant. My friends recommended that I go to one of the gynecologists at Novomed in Dubai for my pregnancy care, and I did.

I knew I had discovered the correct place when I was seen by Novomed’s gynecologist in Dubai. The doctors there gave me excellent medical treatment. They were really knowledgeable and competent. They are extremely attentive to their patients and listened well to all my needs and concerns without judgment. When I expressed my issues, I never felt unheard. During your appointments, they take their time and never rush you out the door. I am very impressed with their overall care and professionalism.

Novomed has an incredible staff, and their efforts are greatly appreciated. Throughout my pregnancy, the staff has been exceedingly supportive and caring. They are incredibly easy to talk to and they always keep a big smile on their faces and yours. They have been wonderful to work with. I don’t think I’d change anything about my interactions with them because I never had a bad experience with them, and they were always prepared to go the extra mile! Everyone is extremely polite, and I get the impression that they all genuinely care about me. Even the nurses are a delight to be around and wonderful people. It’s clear that everyone at the clinic enjoys what they are doing.

From beginning to end, my husband and I had an incredible time there. The office location was convenient and helped with appointment scheduling. I had the pleasure of meeting a team of amazing people that were able to make me feel extremely comfortable and safe.

Thanks to everyone at Novomed’s office, my pregnancy felt like a breeze. We were delighted to have picked Novomed for our care from the first to the last visit. They did a great job bringing together a fantastic team of experts!

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