Trina Felber, a former nurse and also the owner of primal life organics , discovered a way to whiten the teeth without using toxic chemicals found in dental care products. to achieve so , she created a LED TEETH WHITENING SYSTEM.

What is the LED Teeth Whitening System?

The LED Teeth Whitening System is a gadget that contains led lights that help to clean your mouth without pain or damage and it doesnt need a charger or batteries because it’s powered by simply plugging it to a phone or any other device

This tool shows improvement right after 15 minutes of usage thanks to black activated charcoal gel and to the red and blue led lights.

It is secure and effective and does not produce any discomfort using it . It helps remove coffee stains , tea , smoking and other stains.

strong points on this gadget

One of the kit’s special characteristics is the red and blue lights.

We`ve all heard about blue light, however you’re probably thinking where red light came from the red light has an effect of healing and repairing tissue , relieving pain and prevent mouth sores. The kit has been FDA-approved too.

The Activated Charcoal Gel contributes by changing the pH stability within the mouth, inflicting them to be more alkaline. It additionally aids in the forestalling of cavities, horrific breath, and gum disease.

These are the articles present in the box:

LED WHITENER (with adapters)

2 x 5ml Boost Whitening gel syringes

The Single LED Whitener has this features:

A 400 nm blue light

A 700 nm red light

travel case

What is contained in the boost whitening gel syringes?

this formula is made by primal life and it’s called the boost teeth whitening gel, and it consists of a number of natural ingredients, including:

Olive oil (extra virgin)E

Essential oils (15 in total)

Three distinct clays


All of the components listed above have a part inside the whitening system in a few way.

The negative electrical charge of activated charcoal attracts positively charged molecules.

Toxins might be collected, and the clay can even produce antibacterial ions to assist nourish the goal area and preserve it healthy.

how it works?

the LED TEETH WHITENING SYSTEM works by putting activated charcoal gel to a food-grade soft plate that fits any mouth. The led teeth whitener blue light then promotes the activated charcoal gel to get rid of stains out of your teeth at the same time as additionally whitening them.

then the red light turns on and heals the tissue. The bundle consists of sixteen particularly tuned LED bulbs that emit ultra-bright blue and red lighting fixtures.

Your teeth have to show visible signs of whitening upon the primary use, but you should use it three to four times in the first week, then once per week after that to maintain your whitening.


The LED Teeth Whitening System was on sale for 449$ but it’s now selling for 199$.

The kit comes with a food-grade soft tray for your mouth, LED blue and red lights to assist with teeth whitening and oral health, and plenty of activated charcoal gel. It additionally comes with a mouth tray for storing and specific instructions for the usage of the device.

The product comes with a complete one-12 months assurance and is guaranteed consumer satisfaction.



Primal Life Organics provides the LED Teeth Whitening System has already received hundreds of excellent reviews by their satisfied consumers for its efficiency and low cost.

considering the benefits of the product , we suggest a go.


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