Oven Toaster vs Microwave Oven

An oven toaster and microwave oven are both used for different purposes in a kitchen. So while buying one, you need to know the differences between these two appliances. So here we’ll discuss the main differences between an oven toaster and a microwave oven. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of both appliances so that you can make a perfect choice on which appliance to buy for your kitchen needs.

Cooking Method

Oven Toaster Grills prepare food by transmitting heat radiation through the coils present in them. Oven toasters can have one, two or three coils in them, and the best OTG oven will have several coils in them. The coils warm up the oven toaster grill’s interior, and the food is cooked from inside and outside. The cooked food is brown and crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, making it delightful for the foodie in you. This makes it completely different from a microwave oven as OTG can make the food look brown, crispy and caramelized as the coil directly heats the food.

On the other hand, microwave ovens don’t transmit heat through the coil but use electromagnetic waves in the interior of the oven to prepare the food. The microwaves do not brown or crisp outside of the food. The heat transfer by electromagnetic wave allows the microwave oven to prepare hot water or tea quickly. Foods with high-water content and fat content cook well in a microwave oven.

Microwave oven and oven toaster grills have also got their own limitations. Foods that have low water and fat content do not cook well in a microwave oven. On the other hand, the oven toaster grill is not suitable for making popcorn.

Cooking Duration

The time taken for cooking a dish is more in an oven toaster grill as it takes time for the coil to warm up and transmit the heat to the food. The heat level can be easily adjusted in an oven toaster grill, so the cooked food can be kept warm for a long time at low heat.

The time taken for a microwave oven is less as the water molecules in the food will warm all at once, cooking the whole food quickly. The cooking time depends upon the wattage of the microwave oven. Microwave ovens with higher wattage cook the food very quickly.

Installation of the Appliance

Oven toaster grills are mostly countertop models that need no installation. Microwave ovens can be installed in the cabinet or on the stovetop. But installing an oven toaster grill oven under a cabinet or above the stovetop is very rare as it requires ventilation on all sides of it to mitigate the heat.

A microwave can be installed above a stovetop or in a cabinet to save space. But before buying one, you need to choose the correct size that fits into the space of your cabinet. Here you will need professional help with the installation of the microwave oven.


Oven toaster grills usually come with a capacity range of 9 litres to 48 litres. Large OTG’s are used for preparing a large quantity of food.

Microwave ovens usually come with a capacity range of 21 litres to 32 litres. The wattage is also an important criterion for microwave ovens.


While using an oven toaster grill, you should always use a tong to remove the food from the oven as it is hot inside the oven and can cause burn injuries. There should be nothing in contact with the OTG as it will get hot on the outside, so it is better not to touch the OTG with hands or keep something on the oven’s surface while in operation.

In a microwave oven, the door should be intact or should not be damaged. Otherwise, it will allow the radiation to escape the microwave oven. Only microwave oven safe utensils can be used in a microwave oven.

Energy Efficiency

The oven toaster grill uses more energy than the microwave oven, about 1,200 to 2,400 watts. At the same time, a microwave oven uses about 700 to 1,800 watts for cooking.


The microwave oven is a lot easier to clean than an oven toaster grill. The wire rack, crumb tray and heating elements will have to be cleaned regularly in an oven toaster grill. But a microwave oven can be easily cleaned with soap, water, and a sponge. They also have removable glass turntables that can be easily removed and washed in running water.

Both microwave oven and oven toaster grills adopt different cooking methods, and the result from cooking in both the appliances is also different. You can find some of the best microwave oven at to make the finest cakes and pizzas.

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