Should you Shave with or Against the Grain Using a Braun Head Shaver?

If you are still using a manual razor, this is high time for you to shift to an electric shaver. Your skin may need to take a month to get familiar with this new shaving method. Initially, you may find close shaving a little challenging. You need to understand that it is just like your hairline; it may need time to switch from a side part to a mid-part. Beginners may have many questions floating in their minds, such as, “should I shave with or against the grain using a Braun head shaver?” or, “how should the shaving process be carried out?” Keep reading this blog to get all these questions answered.

To clear all your doubts, you need to know how to use an electric shaver properly. Check out the steps that can lead you to a perfect shaving:

Step 1

First of all, you must ensure that your electric shaver has a full charge and can be used instantly.

Step 2

You should always wash your face before shaving as your skin tends to be a little swollen after you wake up.

Step 3

If you are going to shave after a few days, it is better to trim your stubble before you begin shaving.

Step 4

In this step, you should turn your Braun shaver on. You need to stretch your skin with your hand prior to shaving the areas which are extremely sensitive. These areas may need a closer shave. This way, you can ensure effortless gliding across your face.

Step 5

You should hold the shaver at a 90-degree angle to your skin and try to shave against your beard growth’s direction. In this context, it is also important to remember that you should avoid going over the same areas repeatedly; it will lower your chances of skin irritation.

Step 6

You need to keep the pressure to get the best shaving experience. You do not need to push as hard as you do with the help of a manual razor.

Step 7

You should always keep your shaver clean. If you use a model that allows access to Braun cleaning center, you can get it cleaned automatically. It lubricates the shaver at the push of a button.

Reputed brands always recommend replacing the cutting parts every 12-18 months. This frequent replacement can help you maximise the performance of your electric shaver. You should avoid using too much pressure as it may affect the device.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have found the answers to all your questions in the steps discussed above. Along with considering these steps, you should not forget that your Braun head shaver also needs maintenance and care. If you want to retain its longevity, you must use it with utmost care. Often people ignore replacing the parts timely and as an outcome, the shaver may fail to perform. So, change the parts when it is required and keep your shaver clean to retain its performance the same for the long run.

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