The Essential Guide to Back Pain

Treating neck pain or back pain in Houston effectively is complicated due to chronic pain’s complex nature and origins. Many people living with chronic debilitating pain undergo multiple treatments to try to find relief.

A spinal cord stimulator can be a practical part of a multimodal treatment plan for chronic pain after the failure of other non-surgical and surgical treatments. A spinal cord stimulator is an embedded tool that uses electrical impulses to block discomfort signals before arriving at the brain. Keep reading to know more about how spinal cord stimulation works and the advantages it can provide.

How does it work?

A spinal cord stimulator consists of three main components:

  1. The generator: a miniature, battery-powered machine (comparable to a pacemaker) that emits electrical pulses. The generator is embedded under the skin, usually below the waist near the buttocks.
  2. Electrodes: The electrodes deliver electrical impulses to painful areas. A lead wire with electrodes connected is inserted into the epidural area enclosing the spinal cord.
  3. Remote control: A portable remote control is used to adjust the pulse levels and turn on / off the implanted device.

It masks pain signals and blocks them from reaching the brain. Conventional devices replace injury signals with a “tingling” feeling. Newer devices provide stimulation that cannot be felt, and specialists use the latest SCS to treat chronic back pain.

Before receiving a permanent spinal cord stimulator, you will do a trial run to test the stimulator and see if it works for you. If you have positive results, you will undergo minimally invasive surgery to have a permanent device implanted.

Benefits of spinal cord stimulator therapy in back pain

SCS therapy offers multiple benefits to people living with chronic pain.

Adjustable relief: You have complete control over the levels of electrical stimulation. Using a portable remote control, you can adjust the settings to transmit low or high-frequency pulses depending on how much pain you feel. Some advanced devices can automatically adjust stimulation levels based on the activity you are performing.

Less drug addiction: The pain relief provided by electrical stimulation therapy may reduce your need for pain relievers such as NSAIDs or opioids. Pain relievers often have serious side effects when utilized for the long-term aid of persistent pain. Continued usage of NSAIDs can cause bleeding, ulcers, gastrointestinal difficulties, and additional health difficulties. Chronic opioid use can lead to addiction and dependence, among other harmful side effects. So it is recommended to visit interventional pain specialists if you have chronic back pain.

Improved functioning and mobility: SCS treatment can significantly improve your quality of life and allow you to do more of the things you love. Activities like walking, playing golf, playing ball with the dog, and spending time with loved ones are more accessible and enjoyable without the pain disappearing every moment. 

By visiting a specialist, you can continue to live the rest of your life pain-free!

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