Weight Maintenance: Why You Need to Maintain a Healthy Weight

You have probably heard tips on how and what to do to reduce weight. Unfortunately, not many people have shared their experiences of successful weight maintenance. Weight maintenance is not about maintaining a specific weight for a lifetime. The practice could entail slight and healthy changes in your weight. Dr. Rohit Suri and the Nova Physician Wellness Center staff provide weight management care to help their patients live healthy lifestyles. The experienced weight loss experts incorporate medical, nutritional, and exercise therapies to help you achieve your weight goals. 

Weight Maintenance

Weight maintenance has no official definition. Essentially it is a personalized choice to abstain from gaining or losing a significant amount of weight. Thanks to your phases of digestion to fluctuating hormone levels, your body constantly shifts and changes. As a result, your body weight will reflect the changes. The fluctuation is slight and this process is natural and normal.

What do you need to do to maintain your weight?

Your weight maintenance journey is personal and unique. To maintain your weight, you should take note of the following determining factors:

Stress maintenance. Your stress levels play a significant role in your choices and actions. While you may need stress for various reasons, chronic stress will most likely cause you harm. Excessive stress tends to release higher cortisol levels, which could mess with your hunger cues. Therefore, to maintain your weight, you need to control your stress.

Habit. The habits you practiced to get to your desired weight are what you should continue to practice to remain where you are with your weight. Avoid the temptation of losing focus after achieving a healthy weight. Motivation loss will make your healthy weight slip away faster than you worked to achieve it.

Your relationship with food. Knowing your relationship with food will help you maintain your weight. Take time to ask yourself if your mood impacts your eating habits. Understanding your emotions and how they are likely to affect your eating habits are crucial in navigating your diet.   

How does nutrition counseling help you maintain your healthy weight?

A nutrition counselor evaluates your various health needs regarding exercise and diet. The specialist will help you achieve attainable health goals and teach you ways to maintain your goals throughout your lifetime. In weight maintenance, nutrition counseling will help you navigate your eating habits and highlight nutrition supplements and fitness programs. The expert will recommend a slow but consistent reduction in your caloric consumption to maintain weight.

Apart from managing your food servings, a nutrition counselor will expect you to keep track of your diet’s nutritional content, portion sizes, and meal composition. A nutritional counseling program includes metabolic and health testing, meal planning, and behavioral counseling.     

Weight fluctuations should not be an indicator that you are losing the maintenance battle. Knowing what to do to maintain a healthy weight will keep you off a weight-loss program. To learn more about weight maintenance techniques, book an appointment today.

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