What Are The Factors Influence EVs Charging Time?

There are multiple ways to charge EVs battery packs. New EV owners can find it overwhelming to handle the distinct charging methods and connector types. There are two main questions to answer – The charging time of electric vehicles can be significantly affected by various factors, and using a reliable portable EV charger can provide flexibility in managing these variables.

  • Where you will charge?
  • How fast do you want to charge?

Both these are interconnected. The charging speed depends on the EV model, battery capacity, and charging system used.

There are three types of the EV charging method. 

  1. The slowest method is called trickle charging. It is the most convenient method that uses the home wall socket’s standard 220V plug.
  2. Fast charging method using AC home charges or wall box charger. You can install charging points for your car at home using EV home charger installation High Wycombe services. AC public charging stations are accessible.
  3. Ultra-fast way of charging is at a public DC charging station with more than 50 kWh of power. A battery can be topped up to 20% to 80% within 40 minutes of charging. Some ultra-fast public charging points offer 150+ kWh.

Adapters available on Jucer can help use a charger with a different plug center. The type 1-2 adapter allows type 2 EV to charge at the station with a J plug [type 1 connector].

Factors that impact EV charging speed

  • The bigger the battery capacity the longer it takes to charge. Battery capacity is measured in kWh.
  • If you are charging an empty battery then it can take longer than topping up from 30%.
  • The maximum charging rate of the EV depends on its acceptance level. For example, if the EVs maximum charging rate is 7 kWh then even at a high charge point of 22 kWh, it will not increase the speed but charge at 7 kWh.
  • The maximum charging rate of the charge point you will use can make a difference. For example, your car can charge at 11 kWh but at a 7 kWh charge point, it will charge at 7 kWh.
  • Cold temperatures increase the charging time, especially while using ultra-fast chargers. Per-hour charging time is less efficient in extremely cold months, so fewer miles get added.

What’s top-up charging?

EV owners are in a habit of plugging to charge, whenever possible at the supermarket or gym or workplace, or home. It is termed as ‘top up’ charging.

  • Rather than having the battery gets completely discharged or waiting to get the battery completely recharged, many drivers use the parking time to keep the battery top-up.
  • Combining daytime top-up charging along with overnight at-home charging allows the EV fully charged all the time.
  • Workplace and public charging stations range from 7 kWh to 22 kWh, so they are perfect for topping up.

How much range does one-hour charging provide?

Getting familiar with the miles or range you can get after one or two hours of charging helps to determine your next destination or can you reach the next location.

  • Range per hour differs, depending on car efficiency. Small EVs are efficient and get you 30 miles range within one hour of charging at a 7 kWh charging point.
  • Big cars have the heaviest battery that can get you 20 miles range within one hour of charging at a 7 kWh charging point.
  • Temperature also affects the range per hour efficiency. In summer the cars get better range than in winter.

EV charging is not hard to understand!

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