What are the re-spins in slots? 

The re-spins bonus is a popular bonus at wizard slots that comes in a variety of forms. It may appear to be similar to a free spins bonus feature but it actually has some stark differences. 

What is the re-spins bonus? 

The re-spins bonus is a type of slots bonus offered to players when certain symbols land on the reels. This bonus may seem similar to a free games or free spins bonus feature but it is actually a completely different experience. The re-spins bonus is incredibly exciting, thanks to its massive win potential and different playing experience. One of the main differences between a re-spin bonus and other similar bonuses is the fact that players will usually have to hold one or more of the reels while others are being re-spun. The bonus is easily retriggered, this means that players often do not know exactly how many re-spins they are going to be awarded. 

How Different re-spins Bonuses Work 

The re-spins bonus is one of the most popular slot bonuses amongst players. There are actually an array of different variations of the re-spins bonus, each working and being triggered slightly differently. 

  1. The most commonly used re-spins bonus uses the hold and respin feature, this means that a reel or symbol is held while all the other reels or symbols are spun by the player a number of times.
  2. In certain slot games, symbols with a specific design are held whilst all the other symbols are spun.
  3. Some slots games have symbols of the same kind holding whilst all others are available to be spun by the player.
  4. Wild symbols have different effects on the re-spin bonus depending on the slot you are using, some slots have wild symbols that are held when they land on the reel that you are holding!
  5. The number of respins that are awarded through this bonus can vary but it is usually around three respins initially, though this total can increase if the player manages to trigger more whilst using the bonus. 

Other Popular Bonuses 

The re-spins bonus is not the only slot bonus, there are a huge variety of online slot bonuses that players will come across. Some are offered to players automatically whilst others require the player to deposit some money. 

  •       No deposit bonus is a bonus which is given to players when they sign up for an online casino account, it doesn’t require the player to deposit any money in order to receive this bonus.
  •       Free spins bonus is perhaps the most common bonus, it is simply a set amount of free spins which are given to players.
  •       Matched deposit bonus is a bonus that is given to players by online casino sites. Essentially they will match the amount a player deposits up to a certain point, making this an incredibly generous bonus. 


The re-spins bonus can lead to some big wins thanks to the amount of repins that players can be awarded. Despite its similarities to other bonuses, the re-spins bonus differs as players will have to hold one of the reels whilst the others are spun.

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