What to Consider when Constructing a Car Shade

When a car is parked under the sun, the heat destroys and discolors seats and the plastic dashboards. Rubber surfaces become sticky also. This leads to wastage of a lot of money when repairing these parts.  A car shade protects the car from these damages.

This article explains the types, advantages and disadvantages of various types of car shades.

Apart from preventing the destruction of interior parts of a car, a car shade also enable to maintain the cool air in it. There are two types of car sunshades available in the market—the windshield sun shade and parking sun shade.

The main factors that classify a parking shade are the style and structure of the shade. Structure means the type or the design. These are the things a buyer should consider when making a decision on what car shade to go for.

Windshield sunshade

This is a cover placed on the windscreen of a car in the inside when it is parked. The shade is available in different shapes, colors and sizes. A buyer has to consider all these before purchasing one. The shades are usually sold as two piece set or one large piece.

The item is usually held in place using a light aluminum frame. A car owner has to ensure the car shade is enough for the whole windscreen to prevent it from falling down or leaving some parts uncovered.


All these shades are made in such a way that they are foldable hence easily stored.

A car owner can travel anywhere with the windshield sunshade since it takes less space in the car.

The shade is also cheap to buy.


A windshield sunshade only protects the interior parts of the car, leaving the exterior parts to burnt by the sun and become dull.

Parking sunshade

This sunshade usually has two fabrics which are waterproof that protect cars from sun and rain, and sunshade that is not waterproof.  All of them have strong poles and roof frames. Car shade prices in Kenya vary according to the type the buyer wants.

The car shades have various sizes including that which can fit four cars.This type of sunshade can be used outside offices, homes, carwash, swimming pool, garages, as walkway shades and many more.

Some of the shades designs include cantilever type, pyramid type, umbrella type, k span type and grp type. They are available in blue, green, grey, silver and many other colors.

This gives a customer a variety of designs to choose from when purchasing.

Advantages of parking car shades

The parking sunshade enables a car to maintain its shine.

The shade keeps a cool temperature in the car.

Interior and exterior parts of the car are always protected.

Parking shades protect the car from objects that are falling.

Bottom line

Car shades are really important. They protect a car from being damaged by the sun, and also from falling objects. The interior part of the car also maintains its cool temperature even when the temperatures outside are high.

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