Where To Buy Affordable Aftermarket Parts for Your Jeep

Right off the lot, your Jeep is already a solid off-roading machine. But with mods, the performance possibilities can go far beyond what a stock vehicle can offer. You also want to keep your Jeep in the best condition possible. So what essentials should a new or experienced off-road enthusiast look for? In this short guide, you’ll see some useful suggestions – plus where you can find aftermarket 4×4 Jeep parts at affordable prices.

Tires and Wheels

Safety, stability and handling are important measures of your vehicle’s offroad performance. You want upgrades that help you get the most out of your Jeep. And if you’re like other Jeep owners, tires and wheels are near the top of your list. Sure, your pride and joy would look awesome with a set of aggressive-looking tires. But you’re also wise enough to know that you must choose the right type of tires for the terrain that you traverse the most.

If you’re not sure where to start looking, you may find some recommendations helpful. Some popular all-terrain tire choices include Mickey Thompson’s Baja Boss A/T and Pro Comp’s A/T models. For muddy terrain, take a look at Pro Comp’s Xtreme M/T 2 radials. Goodyear Wrangler MT/R and DuraTrac are solid choices, along with BF Goodrich’s Mud Terrain KM2. Serious mudders should check out Super Swamper’s TSL Boggers.

Body and Suspension Lift Kits

Besides their rugged construction, most Jeeps offer more ground clearance than typical passenger vehicles. The standard Wrangler, for instance, starts with 8.3 inches of clearance. But you may need more, especially to move easily over large rocks, tree roots, water and other obstacles. And even if you don’t want to increase your Jeep’s ground clearance by much, you may still want to equip larger tires while leaving your stock suspension setup as is. These are all great reasons to choose a body or suspension lift for your Jeep.

Suspension lift kits are vehicle-specific, but you may find kits to your liking from several trusted manufacturers. Rough Country, ReadyLift, ARB, ProComp and ICON all have a large range of lift kits for Jeeps.

Winches and Recovery Accessories

No off-roader wants to end up stuck somewhere without a way out, especially when riding miles away from civilization. That’s why a winch is de rigueur – you don’t leave home without one. While your mileage may vary, many top-rated options can work with your vehicle. The Smittybilt XRC series gets high marks from off-roaders, so the XRC Gen 2 and Gen 3 winches are a good place to start. When you’re shopping, start looking at winches with pulling capacities at least one and a half to two times your Jeep’s gross vehicle weight.

Finding Your Gear

You’ve now seen some recommendations of parts and accessories for your Jeep. Whether you need replacement parts or mods, your best bet is shopping at a retailer that specializes in off-roading components. Any parts store can sell you components, but an off-road performance parts dealer offers gear built tough to meet the demands of your ride.

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