Why Rhinoplasty Can Be Your Cure

Rhinoplasty has gained popularity in recent days among many Americans. This is because it is an effective cosmetic procedure that can create balance and symmetry and improve overall facial aesthetics. If you desire to look and feel attractive and confident, do not worry. Michael R. MacDonald, MD, is a top-rated facial plastic surgeon offering rhinoplasty in San Francisco and can help you know if the treatment procedure can benefit you. The following are some of the main reasons why Dr. MacDonald can recommend rhinoplasty for you.

For Nasal Fracture Repair

Accidents are inevitable and can lead to a broken nose. During a car crash, fall, or any other trauma, your nose is one of the most exposed areas of your body, and there are high chances of fracture. When the bone over your nose’s bridge is cracked, it may heal improperly, causing visible misalignments in your nose. This can affect the appearance or functionality of your nose. That is why a nose surgery can be recommended to repair the fracture and ensure that healing occurs properly, maintaining or improving the appearance and functioning of the nose.

To Correct Breathing Complications

According to research, about 80% of the population has a narrowing nasal passage. In severe cases of the complication, you can experience significant breathing issues alongside other conditions such as turbinate dysfunction, nasal polyps, and collapsed nostrils, altering your normal breathing. If you are experiencing these complications, your provider will recommend rhinoplasty to enlarge and correct your nasal airways to improve your breathing.

To Modify the Size of Your Nose

Different people have different preferences when it comes to the size of the nose. If you feel that your nose is too long or too big, it does not have to lower your confidence and self-esteem. Through rhinoplasty, Dr. MacDonald can discuss with you your goals and help you achieve them. If you feel that your nose is not proportional to your other facial features, Dr. MacDonald will help you understand the experience and the results you can expect for a rhinoplasty.

To Change the Shape of Your Nose

If not the size, maybe you are not pleased with the shape of your nose. Fortunately, rhinoplasty treatment can help you achieve your desired shape. All you have to do is discuss your goals with your provider to help design the best procedure for you. Whether it is reshaping the tip, altering the angle, or straightening the bridge of your nose, your provider will evaluate your unique needs to know what to do.

To Enhance Your Facial Aesthetics

Your nose is one of the major facial features and affects your overall facial appearance significantly. Nose surgery can correct several complications in your nose, and with an improved appearance of the nose, your eyes and smile automatically look better. This can cause a facial balance to enhance the overall look of your face. Besides, you do not have to have a nose complication to undergo rhinoplasty; you can choose the treatment option to achieve your desired look depending on your lifestyle.

Clearly, rhinoplasty can help you enhance your facial appearance and also correct some complications of your nose. Reach out to Dr. MacDonald at Aesthetic Surgery Center to learn if the treatment procedure is right for you.

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