You Should Prefer Buying Med Online

Like every citizen of India, I have shifted to buying med online from the app. Before switching to the online medicine delivery app of Truemeds, I was skeptical about my safety like any other citizen. But, after using Truemeds for a year, I have learned it is the best online medicine delivery app in India.

Truemeds, a government-registered app, offers various benefits to its customers other than selling med online on the app. Let me explain to you in detail the benefits of switching to this app from your current offline or online stores.

Various benefits offered by Truemeds:

  • Super convenient:

Anyone can easily use the app due to its simple features, including the elderly, less educated people, and disabled persons.

Less educated people usually find difficulty while using the apps on the phone. They can’t shop med online from apps. But, with Truemeds’ direct prescription upload feature, they can easily order med online from the app. Just upload the prescription on the app and let the online medicine delivery app do the rest of the work.

With Truemeds, the elderly and disabled persons don’t have to leave their spot to order medicines. They can easily order medicines without moving their legs.

  • Great for saving time:

If you are always busy with work like me, then this destination is a savior for you. The online medicine delivery app only takes a maximum of 5 minutes to order medicines. With Truemeds, you don’t have to wait in the queue to order medicines. Thus, you can save a lot of time.

  • Offers discounts of up to 72%:

If you are looking for an online medicine delivery app for saving money, try Truemeds because it provides a discount of up to 72% on medicines 24*7. It offers various occasional promo codes and rewards to its customers. I have saved a lot of money from Truemeds.

  • Asks for a valid prescription:

The online medicine delivery app always asks for a valid prescription when you buy med online from Truemeds. According to me, this is one of the best things about Truemeds because it gives a sense of safety to its customers by showing responsibility towards them.

  • Sells great quality medicines:

I have, being a year-long customer of the app, confidence in the quality of medicines I have received from Truemeds from the past year.

The online medicine delivery app supplies medicines from the top 30 medicine manufacturers. These supplied medicines are tested and approved by CDSCO to prove their quality and effectiveness. Thus, Truemeds doesn’t sell expired, adulterated, and fake medicines.

  • Provides free doctor consultation:

Truemeds provides consultation with certified doctors for free to its customers. This free service is helpful for people like me who don’t get the time to pay a visit to the doctor.

I can consult with a doctor about my health or ongoing medicines through the app. Isn’t that great?

  • Home delivers the medicine safely:

As I order my med online from Truemeds, my job gets completed. You will receive your order within 36-72 hours of ordering. The great thing about the delivery is that the executives deliver medicines with full precautions and safely. Executives deliver medicines at the doorstep with no direct contact. If you have chosen cash-on-delivery, you can pay the cash to them safely.

  • Reliable customer service:

There is a rare chance of you receiving damaged products from Truemeds as they make sure that you receive well-conditioned products. But, in case of an issue, you can contact the competent customer service of the app.

Customer service will resolve your issues within a few hours. Thus, the online medicine delivery app helps with returns and refunds of damaged products.

If you are planning to switch from either offline or online pharmacies, trust and try Truemeds!

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