The Different Uses of Dental Crowns

When it comes to aesthetics and durability for your teeth, dental crowns are the best. Most patients, while looking for cosmetic dentistry solutions, prefer dental crowns. Dental crowns will act as a restoration method to cover the tooth if you have a broken front tooth.

However, different dental crowns are used for front and back teeth. A dental crown is the best solution, even for discoloration and crooked teeth. Farmington Hills dentists are professionals in providing the best dental crown facilities.

Dental Crowns: Your Journey To Healthy Smile!

A dentist recommends dental crowns for various reasons, such as protecting any weak teeth from getting cracks or breakage. Dental crowns are also naturally flowing when it comes to protection from discoloration.

Dental crowns are also used in root canal therapy to improve molar strength. Some people suffer from bruxism, which often leads to teeth breaking. Dental crowns are also recommended for them. They are long-lasting, durable, and robust.

Best Dental Crown For Front Tooth

When it comes to front teeth, people want the most aesthetically looking dental crowns; hence all-ceramic crowns are the most preferred. Any Farmington Hills Dentist will advise going for either Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) or Zirconia dental crowns when it comes to front teeth as they are not just aesthetically pleasing but also durable and doesn’t take much of the tooth structure.

The different types of dental crowns used in the front tooth are as follows:

Different dental crowns are used in the front tooth, depending on the material used. Gold, Porcelain, Zirconia, e-max, and different metal alloys are materials.

Porcelain Crowns: These are durable, solid, and natural-looking dental crowns. It is fitted over the tooth, which consists of a metal base and is topped with Porcelain. This is extremely popular because of the natural look they give. They are generally of three types Porcelain fused to Metal (PFM), Bonded all Porcelain, and extra strong all Porcelain.

Composite Resin Crowns- When the broken teeth are repairable, a temporary cap is used, such as composite resin crowns. These are not at all durable crowns and are temporary. They break easily and should only be used at the dentist’s advice.

Zirconia: Per professionals doing dental bridges in Farmington Hills, this is a trendy dental crown as it is less likely to be fractured and is quickly subsided into your natural teeth structure. Less of your original tooth structure is removed for implementing this.

All-ceramic crowns: These are used by people who have a metal allergy. As they are made from ceramic material, they are expensive and only preferred by people who don’t like other options.

E-max: Although it is very similar to Zirconia, one of the biggest problems with this is that it uses a lot of tooth structure to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Metal Crowns: These dental crowns are generally used for back teeth. However, some people also prefer it for the front tooth to show off the metal. Although they are not aesthetically pleasing, they are powerful. They support the molars the best. The metals include nickel, palladium, chromium, and gold.


Depending on the size, fracture and appearance of your broken tooth, you can choose dental crowns and other options. Dental crowns are the best option to repair a broken tooth. However, Dental Crowns in Farmington Hills are extraordinarily durable and aesthetically pleasing.

You can quickly consult a dentist to check if Dental crowns are the best option for you, and depending on the various types of dental crowns available, and you can choose what you prefer the most.

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